Friday, January 4, 2008

Around the Majors

A Rays fansite (Now, quiet, they have a few fans. (And, sorry to do a parenthesis inside a parenthesis, but I just wanted to point out I was gonna do that super-snarky thing when a blogger crosses out a word, but you can still read it, but I don’t know how to do strike-throughs. Alas…)) talks about how Troy Percival will allow Al Reyes to pitch the 8th inning. Which is completely true (not that someone wrote that, but that it appears Percy will be the closer), but my question is why. As in, why don’t the Rays want to compete? Reyes was perfectly fine last year. Sure, he wore out as the season progressed, but don’t the Rays have a few more, ahem, fish to fry than signing a closer that retired already? First, they trade away Delmon Young, who could be feasting on major league pitching by as soon as this year, for Matt Garza. Yes, good pitching beats good hitting. We see it every All-Star game and every October. Yes, the Rays’ staff needs help, but Delmon looked like the real deal. Garza, I have my questions about. They could have gotten more. Second, they pick a closer off a scrap heap, to replace the other scrap-heaper. Unbelievable. I think the Rays are trying to pull a Chapter 11 deal like the Marlins. What is with Florida teams?

Over at a Sawx site, they discuss what Manny being Manny might be this year. Supposedly, Gammons has word that Manny’s hitting the weights. I say, Manny’s having Big Papi explain to him how Netflix works, but that’s me. I stand by what I wrote last month about Manny in 2008, but take a gander at what someone else thought.

Over at a Mets site, they talk about giving Pelfrey the ball every fifth day. I completely agree. He showed real promise in September. Not to mention, as the Mets rotation is starting to look, he might be the number two man. Santana for Reyes? Nah, but they better get Santana for someone(s).



Ethan Michaels said...

Thanks for the link. And I must agree with your previous post about Hanley. I LOVE the guy offensively. But even if he is completely healthy, who exactly is going to drive him in on the Marlins? They have two players who can hit and Hanley's one of em.

Ethan Michaels

mariam said...

Hey now, a baseball blog that doesn't know how to do strikes? How can it be? :)

Go into the code and just write < strike > text < / strike >

Without the extra spaces. I hope it works in my comments.

Who We Are said...

Woo-hoo, now I can be at my snarkiest!

Marc said...

Hi there.

Thanks for the brief reference to my blog (365 Days of Dough, Rays, and Me).