Friday, January 25, 2008

Fantasy Baseball Team Names

People obsess over what to call their fantasy baseball team as this list by Brock for Broglio proves. And, I must say, time well spent! Please take a look at the list; it’s ridiculously wonderful. My favorite team names from the list include, Funky Cold Mussina and Hip-Hop Jorge, but I have fond memories of early '90s rap. My additions (in no particular order, although, technically, it is in an order):

The Neil Diamondbacks
Luis Polonia’s Home For Wayward Teens
Descarte Before The Horse (this might only work for a philosophers’ pickup game)
Four Baggers And Beer Goggles
Urbina Just Poured Gasoline On Your Title Hopes
Joe Torreabla Is My Hybrid
How’s The View From Not First?
Tracy Sheckle is a Whore (If you knew her, you would get it. All of it. But I digress.)
Steal This Team!
In Soviet Russia Fantasy Baseball Plays You
Covet Thy Neighbor’s Middle Reliever
Moises Alou’s Pee-Stained Hands
Prince Fielder and Umaga’s Hoagie Shop
Mitt Happens (not the Republican Mormon)
System of the Scott Downs
Alfonseca’s Four-Fingered Salute



Herb Urban said...

I won leagues using the names:

Neil Diamond Studs
Oatesville Maneaters
The Boys of Henry Lee Summer
Colbert Nationals
Steve Jeltz on the juice
OCD Warriors
Assenmacher LOOGYs
Her Bourbon
Pokey Reese is untouchable

Maybe I'm just weird.

Who We Are said...

Asperger's Batting Disorder

Turnip said...

Two funny ones used in leagues where people had to pick cities and design parks for strat baseball:

The Harlem Enigmas, New York
The Pueblo Picassos, Colorado

Deb said...

My gentleman caller's recent team was called: Let me think on it baby baby let me think on it let me think on it and I'll give you an answer in the morning.

Shouldn't there be a character limit?

Who We Are said...

Is he always so decisive?

rudygamble said...

deb -
you're sleeping with meatloaf? he couldn't use Bat Out of Helton?

i like 'Steve Garvey's Bastard Kids' as a team name....

Emmett Jones said...

wow...a lot of good names on there. Funky Cold Mussina...I think that may be my team name this year. that name is great.

Geekstr said...

@rudygamble - LMAO! "he couldn't use Bat Out of Helton?"

This is too funny, thanks for sharing it!

IowaCubs said...

Maybe it's just the Cubs fan in me, but this was my team name last year:

The Mordecai Middle Finger Browns

Who We Are said...


What's your prediction on the Cubs closer this year?

IowaCubs said...

Jim Hendry has a hard on for Wood, so I think that he will start out as the closer, with Howry getting the occasional spot save. I think that Marmol is best in the Bill James "bullpen ace" role, getting at least 8 wins, shutting down the 7th.

My prediction: Wood gets 40 saves this year, Howry 8, Marmol 3.

Who We Are said...

I hope you're right in that they give the ball to someone and he's the closer. I think it will be more like Marmol 25, Howry 12, Wood 8, but I could see it going your way. As I said in the top twenty closers post, the Cubs will have a boatload of saves for someone(s).

IowaCubs said...

Yeah, you should almost draft all three just to be sure! :)

Anonymous said...

Get Figgy With It

Anonymous said...

No McNamee related team names...i.e McNamee injected me to!