Thursday, February 14, 2008

2008 Fantasy Baseball Draft Lists

First off, you’re welcome. We put the “Thank you” in your mouth because you were too proud to say it. How did we know you were thinking it? Cause you’re a fantasy baseball nutjob, just like us. We appreciate you here. So much so, we’ve covered the 2008 fantasy baseball draft lists for every single position. Eat them with a slice of humble pie:

Here’s our 2007 Player Rater for some prospective. One of these days, Rudy Gamble will get around to doing our 2008 Player Rater. When? When he's finished combing CHONE, ZIPS, PECOTA, ROTOWORLD and ROTOWIRE, that's when. Until then...



IowaCubs said...

I'm going to laugh at you when Soto goes crazy this year. I watched him at AAA progress from a scrub in 05-06 to a balanced force at the plate.

He continued his solid hitting as a September callup. Last year I saw a guy that was absolutely dominant in Des Moines, and it appeared that his approach in Chicago wasn't much different with similar results.

Who We Are said...

I hope Big Z punches Soto in his fat face.

Herb Urban said...

Awesome work. Thank you. I'll be here all week, cramming for my drafts.

IowaCubs said...

My NLO league uses holds as a stat. No idea why we do, we just do.

Do you know how I could project holds from setup guys?

Who We Are said...

Is this league managed by Scott Boras? (A proponent of holds because it gets middlemen more money. Actually, a proponent of anything that gets him more money.) I would simply look for strong setup guys that are behind closers who won't lose their job. Lyon, Bell, Turnbow were last season's leaders, but Bell's the only strong holds contender looking ahead. Turnbow will be picking up Gagne's rotator cuff by May and Lyon looks like he'll be closing.

Heilman's a good bet since the Mets will have leads, but I'm worried about Wagner.

Jon Rauch's a contender but Cordero could be gone-zo by June.

Broxton maybe, if you have faith in Saito.

Tony Pena, if you believe Lyon will run with the closing job.

I'll forward your question on to our resident statistician, Rudy Gamble, to see if he has any insight on projections.

rudygamble said...

The Ron Shandler Handbook has Holds projections (Heath Bell #1 with 30 holds).

I don't think Holds can really be projected though - it is too dependent on opportunity.

Holds = Good reliever + opportunity

I'd keep an eye for Closer Depth Lists - I've seen them on Rotoworld, ESPN, etc. Then I'd look at those and check their ERA/WHIP/K projections to see how good they are....

IowaCubs said...

I just found that link... I have no idea how to project this bullshit stat.